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Angular for Complete Beginner to Advance : Learn Angular 7 from scratch with real-time examples trained by 10+ years of experienced faculty.

About Angular Course

Angular is one of the most popular frameworks for building client apps with HTML, CSS and TypeScript. If you want to establish yourself as a front-end or a full-stack developer,who want to make a mark in the field of app, desktop and mobile development you need to learn Angular. It’s an extremely popular JavaScript framework that has been widely adopted by organisations because of the unparalleled user experience it provides. Our comprehensive course on Angular 7 has been designed to help you understand the evolution of Angular from its first to the latest version. You will learn through hands-on exercises about the fundamentals in version 7 such as HTML,CSS Styling, Typescript and to the more complex fundamentals of Angular Components, Routing, Directives, Forms, Pipes, HTTP Request, Event Binding, Unit Testing along with exercises on how to build end-to-end, working applications that are highly responsive and interactive.

Our angular training program that takes four Weekdays (Fast Track) & Eight Weekends (Saturdays & Sunday) to complete. As the Fast Track courses are taught on Weekdays-evening and Weekend Track Weekends-Morning. if you are still working in a job, you can work on your new career and not have to take time off your day job then its right for you.

Interface Software Services
Software Training Institute, Bhubaneswar
JANUARY 20,2020
MENTOR S.Pradhan
Upcoming Batch:Weekdays/ends
Course Fee:10,000
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  • Who is the target audience?

    • Developers who want to upgrade their skills and Get better job opportunities.
    • Front-end developers who want to stay up-to-date with the latest technology.
    • Back-end developers who want to learn front-end development and become full-stack developers.
    • Hobbyist developers who are passionate about working with new frameworks.
  • Prerequisites

    • Basic familiarity with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • How To Apply

    • Interested candidate visit our training center for Registration Process.
    • Registration will be Closed 10-12 Days Before Batch Start Date.
    • One Passport Size Photo require during registration or admission process.
    • Registration Fee will be 1000/- (Including of course fee).
    • Payment acceptable through Google Pay, Phone Pay, Paytm, or Cash .
  • For any enquiry

    • Students can contact us at Call / Whatsup 833 997 0062 or write to us at the following email id: [email protected]
    • Working Hours : 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM (Mon-Sat)
    • Get a fast answer to the training related questions.Click FAQs
Course Track Timing Duration Admission
ANGULAR Weekdays 7:30PM - 9:00PM 30 Hrs./20 Days Open
ANGULAR Weekends 8:00AM - 10:30 AM 30 Hrs./45 Days Open
  • HTML Fundamentals

    • HTML Introduction
    • How Web Works?
    • What is a Web Page?
    • HTML Basic Fundamentals
    • HTML Attributes, Styles, Controls, Formatting & Forms
  • CSS Overviews

    • CSS Syntax
    • CSS Id & Class
    • CSS Style
    • CSS Box Modal
    • CSS Margins, Dimension, Display
    • CSS Navigation Bar
  • Typesscript

    • What is Typescript?
    • First Typescript Example
    • Basic Data Types & Variable
    • Using Types
    • Variable in Typescript
    • Type Assertion
    • Operator & their Types
    • Decision Making Constructs
    • Loops
    • Using Arrays
    • Function
    • Writing & Using Classes
    • Work with Interface
    • Constructor Method
    • Inheritance of Class
    • Abstract Class
    • Modules
    • All About Generics
  • Introduction to Angular

    • What is Angular
    • Angular 7 v/s 5 v/s 4 v/s 2 v/s Angular Js
    • Angular CLI
    • NodeJS Introduction (NPM)
    • Setup of NodeJs Angular
    • What is Typescript?
    • How does Angular get started
    • First Angular App
  • Angular Components

    • introduction to Components
    • Creating Componentes
    • Role of AppModule & Component Declearation
    • Registering Components
    • Registering Components with CLI
    • 3
    • Multiple Components & Passing Data
    • Nesting Components
    • Working with Components Templates
  • Component & Data Binding

    • Introduction to Module & Databinding
    • Spliting Apps into Components
    • Property & Event Binding Overview
    • Binding to Custom Properties
    • Assign an Alias to custom Properties
    • Custom Property & Event Binding Summary
    • Understanding View Encapsulation
    • Using Local References in Template
    • Getting access to the Template & DOM with @ViewChild
    • Projecting Content into Components with ng-content
    • Understanding the Component Lifecycle
    • Lifecycle Hooks in Action
    • Lifecycle Hooks & Template Access
    • Accessing ng-content with @ContentChild
  • Angular Directives

    • Understanding Directives
    • Using ngIf to Oputput Data Conditionally
    • Enhacing ngIf with an Else Condition
    • Output List with ngFOR
    • Styling Elements Dynamically with ngStyle
    • Applying CSS Classes Dynamically with ngClass
    • Creating Basic Attribute Directive
  • Service & Dependency Injection

    • Why do we need Services?
    • Creating a Logging Services?
    • Injecting the Logging Services into Components
    • Creating a Data Services
  • Angular Routing

    • What is Routing?
    • Why do we need a Router?
    • Setting up & Loading Routing
    • Navigating with Router King
    • Understanding Navigation Paths
    • Styling Active Router Links
    • Navigating Programmatically
  • Angular Forms

    • Introduction to Reative Approch
    • Creating a Reactive Forms in Code
    • Syncing HTML & Forms
    • Submitting Reactive Forms
    • Adding Validation to Reactive Forms
    • Getting Access to Control
    • Group Controls
    • Arrays of Forms Controls
    • Creating Custom Validators
    • Using Error Codes with Reactive Forms
    • Creating Custom Async Validator
  • Angular Pipes

    • Introduction to Pipes
    • Why are Pipes Useful?
    • Using Pipes
    • Parameterizing Pipes
    • Chaining Multiple Pipes
    • Creating a Custom Pipes
    • Parameterizing a Custom Pipes
    • Creating Filter Pipe
  • HTTP Request

    • Introduction to HTTP Request
    • How Http Request work in SPAs
    • Sending Request
    • Adjusting Request Headers
    • Sending GET Request
    • Sending A PUT Request
    • Observable Operators
    • Using Return Data
    • Catching Http Errors
  • Angular Event Binding

  • Angular Templates

  • Meterials

  • Unit Testing in Angular Apps

    • Introduction
    • Why Unit Test?
    • Analyzing the CLI Testing Setup
    • Running Test with CLI
    • Adding Components and Some Testst
    • Testing Dependencies: Components & Services

Mr. Pradhan Sir is working in a Multinational Company (MNC) at Bhubaneswar and providing class room & corporate training at Interface Software Services from last 11+ Years on Java Technologies and UI Technologies. He has been involved in the design and implementation of numerous software projects, including modern web applications, mobile apps, desktop applications and frameworks.

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