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We provide the widest list of computer engineering projects for B-Tech, M-Tech, MCA, BCA, BSc & MSc-IT students, that have been researched and compiled into a list to make it easy for students to choose their desired project topic for final year presentation.

  • Smart Drive - Self Drive Car Rental Online Booking System

    • CODE : INSS8273

    Smart Drive - Self Drive Car Rental Online Booking System is a complete end-to-end car rental system which offers an intuitive front-counter capability as well as comprehensive back-office reporting and management. The system is designed specifically for large, medium and small car rentals with many features. By offering highly customizable Auto Rental booking system, your customers will be able to find a car and book it ahead of time with just a few clicks.

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  • B-DonatePro - Blood Donation, Request And Donor Management System

    • CODE : INSS8274

    B-DonatePro is a professional Blood request and blood donor management system allow anyone to the registrar for donating blood and the list of donors will automatically populate on donors page. Also, anyone who needs blood they can find them easily also they can request for blood. It has very nice UI and powerful admin settings panel what is very easy to use. This Project is suitable for any donation, non-profit, clinic, hospital, doctors websites who want to provide some extra facilities to help find blood.

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  • Superfood - Restaurants & Online Food Order System

    • CODE : INSS8275

    Superfood has a proprietary Restaurant CMS (Content Management System) that enables restaurateurs to manage multiple brands and locations within one website. Our system is designed to enable non-tech personnel, such as restaurant owners, managers and chefs, to quickly and easily publish updates to menus, events, images and food on the fly. also our system support online ordering system. We offer custom website design and development to interface with the system as well as integration services for existing websites.

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  • Mcard - Mobile Card Selling Platform

    • CODE : INSS8276

    MCard is a Platform that Can be used as the selling platform for Prepaid Cards, Lottery Tickets, Reward Programs, Loyalty points, Gift Card, Coupon Code & Discount Card.

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  • Ticketing Help Desk Support Ticketing System

    • CODE : INSS8277

    A help desk ticketing system will allow you to provide efficient support to your clients. Metro Help Desk comes by default with an integrated FAQ and manuals systems, thus allowing staff members to decrease response time and improve efficiency.

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  • Mars - Hostel Management System

    • CODE : INSS8278

    Mars is here to make your life easier for a hotel or hostel owner. With three different types of login-admin, staff, and tenant-Mars makes it possible to manage both your staff and tenants.mmediately after you login from the admin panel, you can see, on the dashboard, all the essential information like total number of beds, occupied beds, active tenants, due rent, total bills and expenses etc.

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  • Bee Media - Viral Fun Media Sharing Site Management System

    • CODE : INSS8279

    BEE Media - Viral Fun Media Sharing Site Management System (CMS). This CMS is built completely with PHP and MySQL. It has a nice and attractive front end and back end interface that are really awesome and eyecatching. The back end has a lot of nice and maintainable features that are needed for a modern and professional website to handle the contents easily by client. Client Almost all kinds of changes are possible to do using the admin panel without having any kind or programming language knowledge.

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  • Clerk Exam - Online Banking Examination System

    • CODE : INSS8280

    Clerk Exam - The Clerk Exam is a platform that enables all kinds of Online Banking Clerical Exams to be written on the computer. This online examination system helps to conduct any sort of exams with multiple options, we can conduct high complex exams and middle level exams and entry level exams to test the skill of students, professionals.

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  • Admit Card - Online Students Exam Admit Card Generating System

    • CODE : INSS8281

    Admit Card - Online Students Exam Admit Card Generating System, Using this application any educational institute can generate exam admit card for their students.It is very easy to use.Just enter students exam information.Then students can download their own card using Download Form.They just write their details in the download form.If information is valid then card will be generated & downloaded as pdf.

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  • URMS - University Result Management System

    • CODE : INSS8282

    URMS University Result Management System is a easy online application for managing any Universities Result Generation and Publication with save/print option. It is user friendly and fully responsive with suitable design. It supports Integrated multiple User accounts with Authorized Panel and Front end Admin authentication.It facilitates semester wise Result with General Archive to view Previous Results with Semester Information.

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  • OfficeBox - Human Resource Management System (HRM)

    • CODE : INSS8283

    OfficeBox, A Human resource management software is introduced to bring down all the hassles and burden from a single shoulder in dealing with managing the human resources. This application includes all the feature to manage task from admin panel to employee panel. Simple & easy managing process is its unique attribute. Using this OfficeBox HRM software will empower you with managing employee salary basis on their working hours, scheduling events, notifying team member with urgent issues and many other facilities. On the other hand, the employee will get in touch with all the activities of the admin panel and maintain his/her working time& schedule properly.

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    • CODE : INSS8284

    Mo Library Management System is systematically developed to manage any type of Library easily and efficiently. It is an automated system to create customized virtual Library. Before ERP was introduced by Computerization, Library based tasks were handled manually and in traditional order. "Mo Library" Management System is the purpose to ease traditional hassle and embrace digitization to make works easy and transparent. MO Library can be integrated to any existing system such as Public library, Private Funded library, School/College/University library etc. It is easily customizable to Clients need and any Label.

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  • Brico - Brick Field Factory Management System

    • CODE : INSS8285

    Brico - Brick Field Management System provides everything need to enhance Bricks business. Brico Appliction is designed to manage Brick Factory. Brico is built with simple and easy user flow. It contains all the reporting & forms that are required to Manage a Brick Business. Brico application is available on premise and completely safe from fraudulent activities. With our Brick Management software, you can have complete insight into your profitability, inventory and cash flow.

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  • OnJob - Online Job Portal Application

    • CODE : INSS8286

    OnJob - is the online comprehensive job portal application with dynamic features which allows job seekers to connect with recruiters. The application provides the facility for any sort of job seekers whoever want to work permanently/temporary, to create their account, upload their profile and resume, search for jobs, apply for jobs, view different jobs opening with closing dates. The application facilitates the employers as well to create their accounts, search candidates, create temporary/permanent job postings and track contacted candidates.

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  • SuperCom - Online Shopping Ecommerce Cart

    • CODE : INSS8287

    SuperCom - Online Shopping Ecommerce Cart is designed feature rich, easy to use, search engine friendly and with a visually appealing interface. its simple for building dynamic online shopping store. SuperCom is a standalone shopping cart suited for selling and printing custom designed products. With our responsive e-commerce script, you will have your online store displayed correctly across a wide range of end-user devices and screen resolutions with easy ordering and checking out process.

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  • Virtual Eyewear Try-on - Online Eyeglasses Mirror System

    • CODE : INSS8288

    Virtual Eyewear Try-on - Opticians and Eyeglasses Sellers have been looking for ? It?s an Online Eyeglasses Mirror , .that will let your customers try your Eyeglasses directly on your website , uploading their own images or snapshot with webcam , see how they look wearing Eyeglasses and purchase glasses from your shopping website.

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  • Real Estate Apartment Management System

    • CODE : INSS8289

    Real Estate Apartment Manager helps to manage your multiple apartments. Manage multiple apartments, buildings, flats, suppliers, Residents, bookings and complaints for builders. Receive booking requests and resolve complaints received from Residents. Real Estate Apartment Manager is managing highly customizable multiple apartments, flat, building, complaint or any kind of real estate properties. It will help you to control the whole apartment in your hand at a glance.

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  • Gym Master - Gym Management System

    • CODE : INSS8290

    Gym Master - Gym management system is an easy-to-use gym and health club membership management system. It helps fitness center keep records of members and their memberships, and allows easy communication between fitness center and their members. Gym Management system is also feature-packed, helping gym management and growth of fitness club.

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  • e-Khabar Odisha - Online Newspaper & Magazine CMS Portal

    • CODE : INSS8291

    e-Khabar Odisha - is a newspaper and magazine CMS (content management system) for publishing news based websites. This next generation software creates great looking websites and is so easy to use, even you could publish one.

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  • e-Tender - Online Tender Management System

    • CODE : INSS8292

    e-Tender - Tender management system is a project which is for the vendors to get all the tender details online and provide facility to submit the tender.This e-Tendering system which will reduce the extra cost which involves for this entire process like advertising, document processing and getting confirmation results.By using this Tender Management application vendors can save a lot of time in making the documents online, sending and receiving documents using the postal system.

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  • Smart Parking Lot - Vehicle Parking Management System

    • CODE : INSS8293

    Smart Parking Lot - Vehicle Parking Management System which provides a best parking booking system in real-time. The owner or admin can easily track the current status of parking spaces.the project aimed at solving such problems by designing a web based system that will enable the customers/drivers to make a reservation of available parking space at people�s park, shopping mall or space for rent.

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  • Maritalbook - Online Matrimonial Service Portal

    • CODE : INSS8294

    Maritalbook - is mainly developed to let individual find their potential matches for marriage according to their priorities set. This project allows the phrase 'Marriages are made in heaven' to be rephrased as 'Marriages are now made online'. This application allows to browse profiles of those who have registered themselves on this site. This allows individual to give their information such as Name, Gender, Religion, Caste, Marital status, Current salary, Occupation etc.

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  • Hoteleon - Online Hotel Booking System

    • CODE : INSS8295

    Hoteleon - Online Hotel Booking System is powerful booking engine for single hotel reservation system with real time availability and room booking functionality. Hotel managers can manage room, room types, capacity, hotel rates with different date range and month wise advance payment feature.

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  • WChat - Inbox Messaging (Chat) System

    • CODE : INSS8296

    WChat - Project enables users to chat to each other through web .This system is written in PHP language. It requires Internet connection. All the chat is supervised by server admin. can be used in all office which is helpful to communicate with office staff.

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  • Breakdown - Online Car Roadside Assistance and Breakdown Service

    • CODE : INSS8297

    Breakdown - Project aim of providing emergency road side assistance services round the clock to ensure a pleasurable and uninterrupted journey virtually anywhere. The application is designed to enhance the user experience and ensure that users get immediate and hassle free service in the event of any vehicle breakdown. This application shall help make all possible efforts to locate and direct the nearest service provider to user's location.

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  • Noticeboard - Campus Online Notice Board Management System

    • CODE : INSS8298

    Noticeboard - Online Notice Board is an application which will automate a lot of activities in a school or college or office etc depending upon the usage that is expected by different organizations. A college can use it for displaying info related to different extracurricular events and winners info. They can display info of all teachers in various departments, display timetable for students, display results of students. They can display info related to any holidays or info related to any fees collection scenarios or any common regulatories that are announced by management. In the same way, it can be used by Schools also.

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  • GoBuses - Online Bus Ticket Booking and Reservation System

    • CODE : INSS8299

    GoBuses - Design & implementation of online bus ticket booking and reservation system is to provide details of buses, buses routes, bus number and departure time of the bus. This system can manage bus details, tour details and customer details. There are two types of users available in the project, first one is customer and second one is Admin. In this project admin can add new system user, buses, buses company, buses type, buses routes etc.

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  • Booking - Realestate Property Booking System

    • CODE : INSS8299

    Booking - Realestate Property Booking System helps to manage multiple apartments, buildings, flats, suppliers, Residents, bookings and complaints for builders. Receive booking requests and resolve complaints received from Residents. The system is managing highly customizable multiple realestate properties, flat, building or any kind of real estate properties.

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