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.NET Project

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Asp Dot Net Live Project Training with 100% Practical and Live Project Implementation, Learn from Expert Developers.

ASP.Net Live Project Training In Bhubaneswar

About Live Project Training Program

Live project training is the major attraction of our training centre in Bhubaneswar. We offer final year live project training to the students of B.Tech, BCA, MCA, BE, MSc IT, and BSc IT. Our live training completely equips the individual with expertise in the particular technology.The main goal of our live project training is to enhance students intelligence, skills, and performance in the practical industry environment.

The main benefits include

The live project training ASP.NET can provide a detailed understanding of the programming language to a student while it can also make him understand the actual process for the development of a client project at the companies. This will train the students for job work and hence will mitigate all kinds of fears within them which the students usually have before joining the job.

Why Project Training in ASP.Net?

ASP.NET is one of the popular programming languages behind most of the dynamic websites developed today. The dot net framework provides an easy set of development tools to the users allowing easy and efficient application building and so the process of creating websites and applications becomes easier using and moreover, its also very easy to learn this programming language for web development.

There is a good demand for web development services in the market because it is rather a cost-effective technology and provides efficiency and speed required for the development process. Hence, learning in the current era can provide a lot of scope for the IT aspirants looking to build a lucrative career in the web development field. ASP.NET as an option for a career is really good and hence those willing to learn the subject in detail should go for training based on live projects.

  • Who is the target audience?

    • This project training is for ones who want to become .NET Programmers.
    • This training is a stepping stone for who want to become DotNet Developers.
    • Best for B.Tech, BCA, MCA, BE, MSc IT, and BSc IT. - Final Yr. or Graduate students.
  • Prerequisites

    • You must know at least the basics of ASP.Net, SQL SERVER & HTML/CSS.
  • Perks

    • After the completion of the project you will get a Project Training cum Internship Certificate which will be approved by our Sr. Project Manager.

    • Each class you will Get new assignment.
    • You will get complete Assistance from our experts.
    • Students will come with their Own laptop during project.
  • How To Apply

    • Interested candidate visit our training center for Registration Process.
    • Registration Fee will be 1000/- (Including of training fee).
    • After registration your project training will start within 15 days from registration date.
    • One Passport Size Photo require during registration or admission process.
    • Payment acceptable through Google Pay, Phone Pay, Paytm, or Cash .

Project Track

Group Group Size Weekly Project Duration Price
DNPRO - "A" Individual 4 Days 1 (Major Pro.) 60 Days 5,000/-
DNPRO - "B" 2+ 4 Days 1 (Major Pro.) 60 Days 4,000/- (Each)